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Hello, my name is Maxine Kemp and amongst many other things in life, I am a horse trainer and riding instructor based in the Suffolk and Essex area.  You could describe what I practice as Classical Dressage, but only in the sense that it is about Correct Riding, as to me, they are one and the same thing.  Over the years I have become utterly passionate about ensuring that the tried and tested classical principles, which have thankfully been handed down to us are passed on by way of making them accessible to the modern day horse and rider. Why? Simply because it’s best for the horse. There needs no other reason.



Me & my great friend in Kenya Mr. ‘B’

For so very long now, I have wanted to use writing as one way in which I could help achieve the above.  I’ve spent endless hours driving to and from students lessons, day dreaming about all the useful things I could write down that might help people with their horses.  I’m endlessly told ‘You should write this stuff down!’ as I’m recounting a story from the days teaching, or voicing a random thought or idea I’ve just had on the whole horsey subject.  So finally, here I am.

It’s my experience in life so far that with anything you really want to do there is often the odd pesky obstacle to negotiate along the way. (Just to check if you really wanted it or not)  My personal obstacle when it comes to writing is my tendency toward perfectionism. The critical inner mumblings begin to SHOUT ‘It’s not good enough!’ ‘You missed something out!’ ‘Who even cares what you’ve got to say?’  just as I’m about to hit the ‘post’ button.  I’ll just post it later… And of course, later never comes. As I was pretty sure this was something that might hinder me generally it probably wasn’t something to be ignored or ‘posted later’

What I have learned is that in order to succeed at anything, it seems to be necessary to have a little look at these obstacles, get to know the nature of them and then find a way to work with and overcome them. Much like in riding. So with regard to my writing, I had a bit of a rummage around in that and the upshot is that I shall just be writing stuff and hitting the ‘post’ button. There! Not so hard after all right? Well we’ll see…


So anyway, here I am. Finally!

putting finger to keyboard, I will simply be writing about what I love… Horses!  It may not be Shakespeare and the techy part might leave a bit to be desired but I hope that my words might interest, inspire and help anyone who has a true love for horses and a passion for learning.  If we are going to ask these wonderful creatures to live in our world and do our bidding then we owe it to them to understand and learn as much as humanly possible about what they need in order to do that. We can never know enough…


Ursula Thuleweit Laranjeiro